Questions to check before

Here are some of the common questions users ask when coming on-board. Feel free to browse through them, and don´t forget to visit our Blog!

What are the different types of SEO help that we can expect from you?

A: We have 13 years of extensive experience in providing holistic strategy and end-to-end SEO support to all our clients, bringing very positive ROI/business outcomes for them.
We take care of all the three different SEO components to provide the best results, namely a. Technical SEO that resolves the issues of crawling and indexing of content by the search engine crawlers, b. On-Page SEO that involves improving the User Experience or UX, and c. Off-Page SEO that assists in making the content and website popular online.

How will you improve our rankings on Search Engines? Can you guarantee to get us the #1 position on Google or Bing?

A: Improvement in the ranking of your website on different Search Engines like Google or Bing will show only after taking a series of correct steps consistently over a period of time customized particularly for your company’s website.

After evaluating the condition of your website from all SEO angles, we create a clear strategy to overcome the shortcomings with legitimate, stable steps. We follow the strategy diligently (of course after getting your approval) and you will see the desired result.

We never ever improve your rankings by practicing black hat techniques that boost your ranking artificially or get your website penalized by Google.

It is easy to attain and retain the #1 position on search engines by targeting a very easy keyword. The challenge lies in ranking with a medium level keyword with enough competition.

How long will it take to see improvements?

A: It takes around six months to see effective results from the time you start taking legitimate SEO steps consistently.

If your website has many technical issues, correcting them may lead to small wins in a short period of time. However, if your website is healthy and well-structured, it will take a little longer to see effective results.

We never risk getting your website penalized by using black-hat SEO techniques.

How will we determine that you are successful in your SEO techniques?

A: This depends on the goals/metrics you wish us to achieve for you.

We along with you will set realistic metrics/goals and the time frame to achieve them in at the outset.

We will be successful if we can achieve those goals set by you within the stipulated time frame.

Unlike many other SEO companies, we always link your ROI/business goals with our SEO efforts. We strongly believe that only increasing traffic makes no sense unless there is conversion.

We have been behind many positive business turnarounds and are sure we will not disappoint you either.

Will you help us with building links?

A: Of course, we will. Building links is an essential part of improving the Page and Domain Authority of your website. One good quality incoming link ‘earned’ organically from a site with high authority and credibility does a lot of good to your website than hundreds of automated low-quality links from questionable sites. We will help you get good high-quality backlinks by optimizing your content and helping you engage organically with influencers consistently.

How will you build a strategy for our brand/business/industry/niche?

A: Shilabs is a company that has been doing SEO seriously and consistently for the past 13 years. We have hundreds of delighted customers from different verticals of the industry who have benefitted from our SEO services.Whatever be your niche area of business, we will do a thorough study of your business, brand, and competitors. Our experienced SEO professionals will then create a customized SEO strategy that is just right for your industry/vertical/brand/niche. Of course, we consult you at every step and never do anything without your approval.

Is mobile a part of your SEO strategy? How do you approach it?

A:  Yes, mobile is an important part of our SEO strategy. Please remember that now the thrust is on a “mobile-first” approach. Whenever you come to us we will first do a Mobile Audit of your website. Optimizing for mobile is of utmost importance today as most of your customers will be accessing your website, and experiencing your brand through mobile devices.

What kinds of tools do you use?

A:  We use tools that go with our over the board, legitimate, white-hat SEO practices. We use tools that help us fasten up processes that would take very long to do manually.

We use tools to do Competitor Analysis, Keyword Research, monitor Keyword Rankings, Technical SEO tools to crawl large sites to find out technical glitches, tools to monitor backlinks, and so on. We also use reporting tools to provide user-friendly reports to you regularly.

However, we never use tools to add hundreds of backlinks mechanically or any such tool that can get you penalized.

Do you always follow Google’s best practices?

A: Yes, we always follow Google’s best practices (and that of other search engines). It is of supreme importance to adhere to all the guidelines as we do not want our customers to be penalized with Panda (for On-Page violations) and Penguin (for Off Page violations) algorithms.
Once penalized by Google’s Panda or Penguin algorithms for violations, it is very difficult to get traffic back as recovery takes months or years.

Hence, it is totally counterproductive to our efforts to get more traffic to our client’s site.

How do you stay up-to-date on industry changes and Google updates and latest algorithms?

A: Google makes around 500 changes to their algorithms per year. We regularly update ourselves about these changes and also keep track of the changes taking place in SEO practices posted by Google in the Webmaster Central Blog. We always remain alert about the volatile
world of SEO, through the industry blogs, forums, and exchange of ideas.

We monitor our clients’ websites closely and see how these changes are impacting their properties and take all necessary steps to keep them protected and run at optimum levels.

How will your work tie into our other marketing efforts?

A: SEO should be a part of the overall marketing plan and not something that is done in isolation.

That is why we at Shilabs provide our own inbound marketing and overall digital marketing services to get the best outcome from our SEO practices. We like to build relationships through attractive optimized content that will lead to organic engagements with your customers and link building.

If you already have a digital marketing plan/schedule/effort in place, we partner with that in a seamless way so that you get the maximum impact from the concerted effort.

Why should we hire you?

a. 13 years of experience in providing A++ category SEO services to our clients worldwide
b. Transparency in what we do, how we do, when we do. Transparency in our contract and work relationships as well.
c. Serious and consistent in our work. Every client is important to us. We are committed to helping them with our knowledge and skills.
d. Value for money. Good honest work at competitive pricing. An unbeatable combo.

How and how frequently do you report on progress to us?

A: We report to you once in two months or once every month. In the case of ‘special reports’, we can have weekly progress reports as well. We always customize the progress report to cater to your unique goals and KPIs.

How would you inform me about the changes you make to my website?

A: We always take prior approval before making any kind of change on your website. We always make changes on dummy or beta servers first. We update/upload the change to your main server or active website only after getting a ‘go-ahead’ from you.

How do you conduct keyword research?

A: We first make a list of important, relevant topics based on your business, geolocation & audience. We generate the maximum possible keyword ideas that could be there for that industry, service, or product. We also take the user intent into consideration. We use many
keyword idea suggestion tools to generate more and more search terms.After that, the best keyword phrases are chosen after screening each keyword phrase on the basis of its competition, search volume, SEO difficulty, CPC, and a few other factors.

Have you worked with penalized sites? If yes, how have you fixed them?

A: Yes, we have helped in the recovery of many websites penalized by Google. Actually we are so good at it, that one of our case studies got rated No 2 position by one of the best industry tools called “Link Research Tools”. Click on the link to read about the case

Can you share the names of some of your past clients?

A: Some of our past clients are: Groupon, Odyessy, Deccan Chargers, HHI Hotels, Swosti Hotels, Cryo-Cell, Wild Blue, ESL Schools, Spain Exchange, Answer English, Language Trainers, Sky HD, Real Madrid Football, and so on.

How shall we contact you?

What happens if we terminate the contract?

A: We accept it without any kind of unprofessional argument. We try to understand the reason for termination and respect your decision. We keep your data secure in our server vault so that if you ever come back to us we don’t ask for the same data again.We take both acceptance and rejection graciously.

What do you need from us to be effective?

A: We need co-operation and trust from you to be effective in our efforts. We also look forward to timely approvals from your end and a few Login Credentials. Apart from that, we can work better if you give us a free hand in creating a strategy and implementing that strategy. However, please be assured that we do never make changes or take steps without getting due approval from you.

How much do you charge? What is the payment structure?

A: It depends upon the volume of work, frequency, and type of service you require from us. Our pricing varies on the basis of the services we provide. Hence the payment structure can sometimes be onetime, fixed, or be on a monthly basis.