In order to provide the best possible service to all our customers, each of whom has differing needs and expectations, we publish this policy. While our goal is to make life as easy as possible for our customers, experience has shown this is best achieved, over the long term, by ensuring that both ourselves, and our customers, follow certain processes and procedures. These are detailed below.

Turnaround Times

  • We aim to return voicemails within one (1) business day and to reply to emails, text messages and other forms of communication within three (3) business days Maximum.
  • A minimum of three (3) days notice, preferably 7 days notice, should be provided for any required work. Requests for service within a 3-day period will be accepted only if time permits and an Emergency fee may be charged (shorter, guaranteed response times are available under our service contracts).
  • We aim to send invoices within seven (7) days of work being completed. Else for Advance payment Invoice need to clear within 2 workings days to initiate the desired work.

Please note that the Emergency fee is not there to profit from your misfortune, but rather, to compensate us (as we will have to rearrange our schedule, in order to meet yours), and also, to discourage spurious requests of this nature.

Technical support (onsite and offsite)

  • All the designing payment will be clear 50% upfront and 50% after the work will be handover to the client.
  • Our minimum charge varies from service to service and it can be customized as per the client budget. ( Depends upon which service they are choosing)
  • We expect payment for our work even if your problem is not fixed. We will never accept work on a basis of “no fix, no charge” without prior arrangement.
  • Will visit the client place in terms of long term business relationship more than 1 year.

Website design and updates

  • You as website owner are responsible for the content of your site. We as the developer are responsible for the construction of your site so as to deliver your content to the wider internet. At no stage do we become responsible for your content, unless we specifically agree to that in writing in advance.
  • Your content should be complete and of professional quality. Incomplete or unprofessional content will not be accepted


  • Your content must not be owned by someone else (eg. you may supply only your own work). Content that is the property of someone else will not be accepted.
  • You should nominate a person within your organisation to serve as a single point of contact between yourselves and us. We will do the same.
  • Content of the website, for example, the text on each page, written instructions, addresses and phone numbers and so on, should be supplied electronically, in a single document if at all possible. For example, all of the details previously mentioned could be supplied in a single Word document. Ideally, this document would be dated and contain a version number.
  • Content supplied in non-electronic form will not be accepted without prior arrangement.
  • Content should be emailed or sent via FTP to us. Content supplied via other mediums, such as telephone, fax, SMS, MMS, web forms or instant messenger, will be accepted, but you may be charged for the time it takes to convert the data into a useful format.
  • Complex changes may take a week or more to complete. You should detail your desired timescale at the time you place your order.
  • The minimum time frame to execute a SEO work is 6 month; we can’t show results before that. Minimum 1 month work can be considered as the testing period ( with desire terms and conditions) more than that will be charged as per the current market value.
  • We will not refund the money if any client charged at the mid of a month to pause the work.
  • We will do 100% refund of the paid amount if the client changes his mind within 24hr of package subscription. (It will take minimum 7 business days to refund the amount, as we have to follow certain procedure to make the refund).

Payment Problems

  • We may require payment-on-delivery, or payment-in-advance, if we believe you are a bad credit risk. Your previous payment history, which is analysed daily, is a significant determining factor.


  • We take security and confidentiality very seriously. We take all reasonable steps to protect our systems against unauthorized usage. We will not, without a court order, divulge any information about our customers whatsoever, to any party.